Advice for Rescheduling Your Wedding Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Advice for Rescheduling Your Wedding Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

We understand the heartbreak that many are feeling as they suddenly have to scramble and completely rearrange their big day because of the Coronavirus. We certainly get how much time and energy you put into planning that perfect wedding; having to now suddenly change gears and figure out a plan B can seem challenging to say the least.

No one saw this coming and as a result, numerous industries including the wedding industry, have been significantly impacted. That doesn’t mean however that you have to abandon your dream wedding. There are things you can do and steps you can take that will help you still have that beautiful and momentous 2020 wedding you envisioned.


A Few Tips for Rearranging Your Wedding Amid the Coronavirus

Obviously, you’ve spent numerous days, weeks, even months coordinating all relevant wedding day professionals. Your first instinct is probably going to be to contact the venue; however, keep in mind that you need to reach out to all companies and individuals providing services on the day of your wedding. Most couples have put together their wedding “dream team”; therefore, keeping in touch with them and making sure everyone is on the same page moving forward is key.

When rescheduling, you might consider moving your wedding to a Friday or Sunday. Often there are discounts associated with these days. Not to mention, there might be more availability on either a Friday or a Sunday night.

While you’ve probably spent a lot of time coming up with the perfect guest list, this could be a moment to step back and reevaluate. Not that you want to leave anyone out but given current and potential restrictions on gatherings, having a smaller wedding might be the smarter choice. Keep in mind you can always live stream your ceremony and in that way, include more people.

Given the current situation, many couples who previously planned on having a more traditional wedding this year are opting to elope instead. What it really comes down to is your relationship, solidifying your forever union, and celebrating the love that you share. You could chose to invite a few close friends to witness your wedding and then of course, hire a great photographer/videographer so that your memories are captured forever.

While perhaps the situation is not ideal, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your wedding day dreams. At TWA, we want to work with you how ever we can in order to make sure that you do get to celebrate your love the way that you want. We are in this together!