Art A

Heather McDaniel

Why I photograph weddings:

Being a big soft romantic, who was fortunate enough to have found the love of his life, it comes natural for me to connect with this moment in a couples life. Through my personal experience with my wife I know the importance of capturing all aspects of this day. From minute details, all the fantastic emotional moments that happen throughout day and group photos with family and friends who may have traveled great distances to attend. On top of romantic I’m also an artist, and all the joyous visual opportunities that happen during a wedding are my icing on the cake. From the very start, Im open to assist with any part of the planning process. All these factors make wedding photography the perfect match for me. By now I could very well be a good wedding planner but photography is infinitely more fun. My biggest reward is creating a connection and sharing the results. Even after 20 years I still can get a little choked up.

My favorite quote:

 “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” – Mark Twain

My favorite dessert: 

Basic strawberries and cream with a sprinkle of brown sugar. Thats it. Could have that every night and do. My wife and daughters think its boring! More for me.

My favorite place to visit:

It’s a tie between Mexico City and Nesso Italy. I lived in Mexico City for 12 years while growing up and it had a huge influence on my life. Yes its congested and smoggy, but the sights, people and FOOD are one and only. Mexico City gave me the inspiration to start taking photographs at a young age. Nesso is a small town on the shore of Lake Como in Norther Italy. My wife and I have stayed there multiple times and we consider Nesso to be “our place”.

My ideal Friday night: 

After camera equipment has been checked and batteries charged theres nothing better than Lou’s pizza and a movie!

A little more about me: 

Top 5 current passions:
-Cooking in cast iron skillet
-I have been learning Polish through an online tutor. I speak Spanish fluently and knew a little Polish. Hope to master it someday.
-Riding my bicycle wherever possible instead of car.