Chicago Wedding Photographers | Venues We Recommend

Chicago Wedding Photographers | Venues We Recommend


If you are trying to find Chicago wedding photographers for your big day, then you are probably frantically trying to plan your amazing wedding and looking for all of the details. If this is the case, then we are here to help you. Not only will we be able to provide you with amazing photos of your big day, but we can offer advice when it comes to venues, beans, and more. It is our goal to help tell the story of Your Love. We want to make sure that our photos are able to capture what makes you and your loved one unique. That is why we work so hard to provide magical photos for all the different types of weddings and engagements.

So while you are trying to find Chicago wedding photographers, you probably are also looking at different venues for you to hold your wedding day. If this is the case, then we would be happy to recommend some of our favorite wedding venues. If you are looking for places to get married in Chicago, then there are some amazing places that are naturally beautiful and will make your day truly memorable. The first one we would like to recommend is the Abbington Banquets Hall. This is a family-owned banquet hall and is located in the Chicago West suburbs of Glen Ellyn. The pride ourselves on bringing class and sophistication to every event. If you go to a website, you can look at some amazing photos from this venue.

Another venue we would like to recommend as Chicago wedding photographers is the Acquaviva Winery. Despite having a slightly complicated name, this place is a beautiful location to get married at. Not only does it have a pool, but it also is a winery. It looks like a mansion located on a beautiful field. Is located at the corner of Route 38 and Meredith Road in Maple Park. There, you will find a 40-acre estate Vineyard and a full-service Winery. They pride themselves on not only their award-winning wines but also their delicious pairing cuisine. Their venue includes the tasting bar, and Neapolitan Style Pizza Bistro with Foods paired to accompany the wine. And much more. It might be a great place for a wedding.

The next location we would like to recommend is called the Arrowhead Golf Club. From the outside, it looks like a beautiful mansion, and on the inside, it is even better. If I seem a little weird to get married at a golf club, but we promised that once you see it, you might be convinced. With stone arches and beautiful walkways with a gorgeous outdoor field, it is sure to create a wonderful feel for you and your wedding. This venue is located off Butterfield Road and is nestled between Danada Farms and Herrick Lake Forest Preserve. They’re one of the top vet wedding venues in the Chicagoland area. On top of that, their focus is solely on you. So if you are looking for a unique but beautiful location, this might be it for you.

We all have connections with many other venues, but we will have to discuss those in another article. If you would like to read more about the venues we recommend, you can do so at You can also call us if you have any questions or want to get in touch at (888) 207-4686.

Chicago Wedding Photographers | Banquets, Clubs, & Bears Oh My!

When you are searching for Chicago wedding photographers, you are probably trying to find wedding venues as well. Luckily when you go to TWA photos, you have access to Media glamorous wedding venues that we have photographed throughout our 20-plus years in the business. Not only will you be able to get amazing photos from us, but you will also be able to find beautiful venues that are perfect for your unique preferences when it comes to wedding venues. If you were in the Chicago area, then we can connect you with some of the best venues out there.

So, in addition to finding great Chicago wedding photographers, you will also be able to find some perfect venues. One of the venues we would be happy to recommend is known as the Belvedere Banquets. This venue is glamorous and can be designed to create a beautiful, castle-like feel for your wedding. Truly is gorgeous and glamorous. Whether you are looking for popping colors of pink, gold, or something else, this is a great place to get it. You truly will feel like you are in a ballroom. From intimate to Grand, this venue offers 5 elegant event spaces for you to choose from. With floor-length windows, an outside Terrace, and a romantic staircase, you truly will enjoy the photos taken here.

Another venue that we would like to recommend to you as Chicago wedding photographers is the Bolingbrook Golf Club. This is a beautiful place for you to get married in a scenic and cottage/Castle-like location. This venue is right across the rolling countryside of ryegrass in Oak scented hillocks. They offer an opulent Ballroom style wedding venue that overlooks the award-winning Championship public golf course. It is truly a beautiful and unique place and you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for something a little bit more unique, then we recommend going to the Brookfield Zoo.

You might think it strange to get married in a zoo, but there is actually a lot of potential for photos. Not only is there already beautiful grass and Landscape around the area, but you can go visit the giraffes and lions that are happily sleeping outside as you get married. You can say hi to the Bears and pet the giraffes on your big wedding day or walk through the jungle-themed attraction. So whether you are looking for a casual setting or formal space, Brookfield Zoo provides the ideal backdrop for your special day with Lush grounds, tranquil settings, and cute animals. Your guests can enjoy cocktails with animals and even more when you get married at the zoo.

The last two articles discussed only a few of the amazing venues that we love. You can go to our website to read more about the venues that we recommend. You can find our website at are you can call us at (888) 207-4686. Whichever method you choose to reach out to us, we can’t wait to hear from you. We would love to help you capture the unique and beautiful day that is your wedding.