Chicago Wedding Photographers | Wedding Giveaway

Chicago Wedding Photographers | Wedding Giveaway


Chicago Wedding Photographers Works hard to give you a level of finished photos and a quality gallery that exceeds all other photographers in the industry. One thing that We do that exceeds all of the other photographers in the industry is our giveaways that we do. We like to give away so everybody can have access to our services no matter what their budget for the wedding is. We make it very special and honor their wedding day by giving them photos that are intimate, beautiful, and exquisite. will guarantee that you will love your photos whenever you work with us. You can book us for your next wedding, and even schedule a session for an engagement photo shoot.

We have a great thing that is going on right now that is called Our specialty program of a $25,000 giveaway. One of our clients had a dream wedding giveaway. It is worth $25,000 and it has been rated one of the best wedding services in the industry. you’re going to get tons of different items to give away whenever we’re working with us.Chicago Wedding Photographers is offering a special offer to you. you can also get up to $1,000 on discounts whenever you select our prints to print off your finished products with. you’re going to have a great enjoyable time whenever you work with us. We can give away the entire waiting for you to create your dream come true.

Some of the things included in this giveaway is an entire day of complete videography, photography, and our team at your wedding.Chicago Wedding Photographers will be at your wedding capturing beautiful looking photos. Our professional videographers are getting HD videos the entire day of your wedding so we will make sure we won’t miss any of its important moments and events that are going on throughout the day. You also will be able to receive albums of your photos once we get them all professionally edited. You can get a reception dj, ceremony audio, and lighting rentals all taken care of as well. Just make sure that your dance floor looks amazing and your guests are going to have a spectacular time.

I thought all these incredible benefits also give the availability to rent out a tuxedo rental for up to seven or more of your groomsmens. there’s always incredible offers you are going to love this giveaway. Listening to our clients that cannot afford to make their dreams come true because I don’t have money i what inspired us to create this giveaway.everybody deserves to have their dream wedding come true. Another great thing that comes along with this package is the access to certified skating by my chef, access to Floral bouquets, and even a $1,000 certificate gift card. this is all available to you whenever you enter our giveaway. you can get a $500 credit voucher from bridal expo in Chicago to get anything else you would like on top of all these incredible prizes. you also have access to a scheduled ceremony efficiently to have at your ceremony. a $500 travel gift card. and even a Complimentary hair and makeup service.

we can get all of this plan for you whenever you enter our giveaway by giving us a call today to enter at 888-207-4686 or you can read all of the prize options for the special offer on our website at

Chicago Wedding Photographers | Cake cutting

Chicago Wedding Photographers Is here to make your love story Even more beautiful. We have tons of different locations across Chicago and Houston texas. with all these different locations we have provided one thing to all of our customers and that is quality service and excellent photos. you can be sure to find us as some of the best in the business and we’re going to exceed your expectations. We are excited to work with you and shoot your entire wedding. book us today.

you’re going to have tons of different events playing throughout your wedding and it’s easy to lose sight of what should be on time and where you should be wherever you are working in different areas.Chicago Wedding Photographers is here to keep you on track and make sure that we prioritize the special events. you decided to find special events for your wedding and they’re important to you, they’re important to us as well. Whenever we caption pictures, we are not going to take much time or throw you up on schedule if I were going to help you stick to your schedule and remind you at the time and help you get where you need to be.

One of the special events that we love to always take pictures of is the cake cutting ceremony. This is right after you have been married and you enter your wedding party with your big Grand entrance. Chicago Wedding Photographers look up you’re a beautiful grand entrance and then be ready to transition directly with our lighting equipment and team members into the cake cutting. You will be guided professionally with exactly how to cut the cake, where to look, and how to do the traditional crossed arms first bite. t you’re going to have somebody helping you the entire process you don’t have to worry about knowing what to do.

will be getting pictures of the cake beforehand whenever they set out early in the day and then we’re going to bring shots of you later whenever you and your spouse cut into it. you’re going to receive close up shots of the night getting cut into it as well as detailed shots of the cake before it was ever touched. Another picture that we love to get is the couple both cutting the cake together. This is a great intimate looking shot and you were going to enjoy it. Lastly we will then ask that you and your significant other both Grab a bite and cross your arms interlocking them to make a beautiful romantic picture of the cake cutting ceremony.

you can get in touch with us to get this incredible experience at your event by calling us at 888-207-4686 or you can read more about our scheduling, price and, unavailability for your event on our website at