Bayo F.

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Why I photograph weddings: 

What I love about wedding photography is, it takes you to places you would never normally see, and it transports you into the lives of strangers who for a day at least often feel like your friends. You witness their nerves, their tears, their love, happiness as well as pure joy and laughter and I’m always grateful to have had witnessed the gathering of friends and loved ones that brings with it a special and unique energy.

My favorite quote: 

Easy does it

My favorite dessert: 

Coconut cake

My favorite place to visit: 


My ideal Friday night: 

My ideal Friday night is filled with photographing events.

A little more about me: 

I’m a professional photographer based in Houston, TX.
I studied computer Sc in college and have been documenting my explorations ever since.
I’ve had interest in photography since I was a kid taking photos of my siblings and friends with my Dads film camera.
I love taking good photos, capturing moments, memories and events.