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Heather McDaniel

Why I photograph weddings:

I believe that every wedding is beautiful in its own special way. I go crazy heart eye emojis for beautiful bridal details and florals but the emotions and the moments and the people can be just as and even more beautiful. Which is as it should be! The first look, personal vows, and the father/daughter and mother /son dances are some of my favorite parts of the day and can also be some of the most emotional and touching moments to capture.
It’s an incredible honor to be able to photograph a couple’s wedding day and to preserve it in history. I’m always looking to capture the fleeting moments and especially love to focus on the littlest and oldest wedding guests. It makes me so happy to be able to be a part of someone’s wedding day and to give them photographs that they will look at for years and years to come and that will be passed onto future generations.
I believe that it’s my job as a photographer to guide people through poses and to make them look their very best. I aim to pose my clients in a way that is natural. Being photographed can be such a new and awkward experience and so I believe it’s crucial to guide my clients into poses. I love creating genuine moments, especially with couples. love capturing the spirit and emotion within your story in a way that is timeless with the photojournalistic approach. I feel honored to share your “Special Day” with You.
My favorite quote: “Your only limit is your mind”
My favorite dessert: Just one? … today it’s: Cheesecake Pops
My favorite place to visit: Zion National Park, Utah
My ideal Friday night: I am going OUT! My friends and I are going downtown and hitting up a new club.
A little more about me: I’m a portrait & wedding photographer. I’m a romantic nut. I believe that life is full of beautiful moments… meeting the love of your life… marrying that love… having your first baby… watching your family grow. I want to capture those simple moments that otherwise be forgotten. I feel so lucky to get to do what I love. Photography is not only what inspires me, but it makes me believe in myself and the power of faith, love, & family. The lens has taught me that every moment is a treasured space of time that I can capture and treasure in its beauty.