Breanne and Connor’s Wedding at County Line Orchard | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

Breanne and Connor’s Wedding at County Line Orchard | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

Sensational Summer Wedding

A picturesque summer wedding is always sure to captivate the masses, and Breanne & Connor’s big day is no exception! Our photographers loved capturing every sunkissed moment from their wedding. Hosted at the beautiful County Line Orchard, this wedding has no shortage of photogenic moments. The ambience was immaculate inside and out.

The wonderful landscaping and lush gardens were the perfect backdrop to celebrate their love.  The orchard itself was a lavish atmosphere for the couple’s beautiful and intimate first look. The cascading trees that faded into the background made the lovely couple look radiant as they spent those tender moments dreaming about their forever together.

It was such a joy to spend time taking photos with the bridal party as they got ready and enjoyed walking around the venue! Everyone looked stunning as they posed for the pre-ceremony photos. It was obvious that Breanne and Connor brought together a wonderful and vivacious group of friends and family!

It was so much fun to enjoy the lush gardens as they posed, talked, laughed and made memories that last forever. It was even more fun for our photographers to play with different poses with Breanne’s dress, helping her look as beautiful as she felt on that big day! 


Charming Ceremony 

The ceremony backdrop was to die for. Our photographers still can’t get over the amazing oak tree that towered behind Breanne and Connor! The County Line Orchard truly created a space for a fairy-tale wedding. The guests were thrilled and felt like they were transported to a lush fantasy land. We loved the tender moments that were shared during the ceremony, from the vows to the I-Dos.

Even the wedding party was having so much fun witnessing the love between the soon-to-be husband and wife. The ceremony was full of laughs, tears, smiles and promises that our photographers were able to immortalize.  We can’t wait for Breanne and Connor to look back on these moments for many years to come!

New Chapter, New Photos

After the ceremony the newlyweds got some time and space to run away and take the first photos of their new chapter together. We loved the intimacies they got to share by the barn and in the orchard! It was such an exciting little moment in their day that set the tone for the rest of the night.


Wonderful Reception 

As the sun went down and the day cooled off, it was time to move the celebration  into the rustic and elegant barn right on the property. Totally decked out in lights and adorned with flowers and decorations, the reception space was the perfect party space! We loved all the details added around the space, from the light projections to the neon sign right above Breanne and Connor’s seats! The layout made for lots of fun dancing and mingling among the guests! The room buzzed with celebration, joy and fun as the night rolled on. The happy couple finished out the night in the best way and we can’t wait for them to enjoy these moments for the rest of their lives!

Venue: County Line Orchard, 200 S County Line Rd, Hobart, IN 46342
Photographer: Abel A
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