Christy B

Bio Pic

Why I photograph weddings:

Wedding photography has gifted me with some amazing opportunities to form friendships with past clients and others in the industry. I love the intimacy of family gatherings, the diversity in cultural events, and witnessing people at pivotal moments in their lives.


My favorite quote:

“The light is no mystery, the mystery is that there is something to keep the light from passing through.”
― Richard Siken


My favorite dessert:

Bavarian cream cake.


My favorite place to visit:

Anywhere with woods, nature and greenery.


My ideal Friday night:

On a Friday night I am hanging out with the family usually after a late event, and trying to recharge batteries in time for Saturday morning. If it’s a night off of work I can be found reading, doing acro yoga with a friend or attending an aerial dance or stretching class.


A little more about me:

I have 14 years of experience photographing portraiture and wedding events. Aside from photography, I also enjoy yoga, dance, camping, and collaborating on projects with other artists.