Craig K

Craig Kennerson

Why I photograph weddings:

I enjoy documenting happy moments in people’s lives by capturing still images.

My favorite quote:

I find your lack of faith disturbing – Darth Vador

My favorite dessert:

Pound Cake

My favorite place to visit:


My ideal Friday night:

Enjoy spending quality time with my beautiful wife while watching a nice movie or enjoying a nice dinner.

A little more about me:

My name is Craig Kennerson and I am a Chicagoland portrait and wedding photographer. As a photographer, I want my photos to imagine a bold and exciting world, one in which the person stands out and shines. I strive to transport my viewer though my careful compositions of color and tone. This is the end result of a process by which I bring the creative brief to life and makes the subject part of a story.

I started my photography career when my beautiful wife Cathy gifted me with my first professional camera and I began my apprenticeship under other seasoned professional photographers. I founded Craig Kennerson Photography LLC in 2019 and have photographed numerous events, portrait sessions and special occasions. My work has been published in fashion magazines across the world. When I am not doing photography I work in the field of Information Technology, watching football and going out on the golf course.