Geoffrey & Roy’s Wedding at Hyatt Lodge | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

Geoffrey & Roy’s Wedding at Hyatt Lodge | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers
Capture Your Authentic Day with TWA!

Nothing beats enjoying and capturing a day like Geoffrey and Roy’s wedding at Hyatt Lodge! The love shared between them shone incandescently as they prepared for the big day. Though the bridal party was small, the connection between the two groomsmen and their friends was evident. We loved being able to bond with them, their family, and even their furry friend, who was a honorary member of the wedding party! Each detail held true to Geoffrey and Roy’s taste in fashion, design, and ambience. Our Chicago wedding photographers loved being able to put the groomsmen’s authenticity and self-expression on display!



Let TWA Emphasize the Ambience 

It was evident that Roy and Geoffrey’s great taste carried into the design of their big day. Their choice in the Hyatt Lodge helped celebrate everything they had built in their relationship. The beautiful natural lighting, the greenery that glowed through the floor to ceiling windows and floral designs all gave a wonderful, elegant, and serene atmosphere for both the groomsmen and their guests. The wonderful atmosphere made our guests feel at ease, and let our photographers take care of all the important tasks while Roy and Geoffrey enjoyed celebrating their love. 



Have Fun with Everyone, Including TWA

Once the ceremony finally came to pass, so much joy filled the room. The whole procession was filled with laughter, expression, love and authenticity. Geoffrey and Roy got to enjoy being fully present reveling this pinnacle of their relationship as our Chicago wedding photographers made sure to capture every sweet and loving moment of their ceremony. We love to capture the small whispers as well as the big expressions of excitement that come and go throughout the big day!


Enjoy the Moment, Let TWA Memorialize it

Once the celebration ensued, everyone was able to celebrate with ease. We loved continuing to capture the excitement that was written all over our grooms’ faces! The scenery was beautiful at the lodge, both inside and out. We loved how each groom expressed themselves with their different color suits, different poses during our photoshoots, and even candidly during the reception. Roy and Geoffrey got to look and feel their best on their big day and at TWA our photographers love celebrating that! We always want to make sure that everyone feels confident, at ease, and taken care of by us.

Each ceremonial moment, from the cake cutting, to the dancing, to the speeches flowed effortlessly and joyfully while our photographers memorialized it all through our photos. Looking back at what we made, its easy to walk through Roy and Geoffrey’s big day and feel each moment like it was happening all over again. 

We hope to share in the expression of love with many more couple’s just like Roy and Geoffrey for many more moments to come!

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Venue: Hyatt Lodge, Oak Brook

Photographers: Art & Amanda