Gina H


Why I photograph weddings: 

I love connecting with my couples. I don’t have a very big family and the few that I have are across the country. Photographing weddings gives me the chance to enjoy the family vibe while providing the lasting memories in pictures. It’s a very special honor to be chosen to take part in a wedding, and getting to know the family helps to capture the feeling in the images. it’s a very special thing to me.

My favorite quote: 

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” ~ Ansel Adams

My favorite dessert: 

Hands down, it’s creme brulee.

My favorite place to visit: 

I want to be anywhere near water!

My ideal Friday night: 

If I am not photographing a wedding I like to spend time at home entertaining and cooking.

A little more about me: 

I am grateful for the opportunity to do this work. I saw this in sharp relief during 2017 when I feared I would have to give it up. Early in the year I was struck by a drunk driver and suffered catastrophic injuries that initially threatened to end my career. In the immediate aftermath, my physicians doubted that I would ever walk again unassisted. I put everything I had into my recovery, working hard with physical therapy to ensure that I could return to the work I love. Post-recovery brought more challenges, including rebuilding my client base after this hiatus. I am proud and gratified to be back on my feet and re-engaged in my career and my passion.