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The Importance of a Wedding Album
The Importance of a Wedding Album
We all know that wedding photography can be a big expense these days, right? But ask yourself, of all the things you spent money on for your wedding–the cake, the band, the venue, the vintage car, how many of these will you keep and continue to look at in the years to come? The answer is none of them…
Photography is an investment and so is your wedding album. Being able to physically touch and hold a beautifully handmade album instantly transports you back to that special day. So, whether a year has gone by and the two of you are reliving the memories…or you’re surrounded by your children fifteen years down the line (and they’re laughing at the odd fashion choices and guessing who’s who!)–your wedding album is important. It’s a visual narrative of one of the most momentous days in your life.
As a small family-owned and operated studio, we realize that our couple’s albums are an extension of our brand. It is genuinely important to us that you not only have an amazing heirloom album to cherish forever, but also that our work is perfectly finished. This is why a wedding album purchase is a part of every photography agreement with us.
This is your life, your love and your story. Our highest commitment is to capture, preserve and showcase it in a way that will help you relive your very best memories for a lifetime!