James C


Why I photograph weddings: 

A wedding is one of the very few days in life that are filled with positive energy, love, and happiness. I love capturing that energy, along with the candid moments, details, and events of the day to be enjoyed for decades to come. I am honored every time a couple allows me the privilege to capture the most important day of their lives for them.

My favorite quote: 

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.
– Ferris Bueller

My favorite dessert: 

My two favorite desserts are pumpkin pie in the fall, and Portillo’s chocolate cake year round.

My favorite place to visit: 

My absolute favorite place to visit is Colorado. I love mountains and have travelled from Alaska to the Carolinas to hike and photograph many beautiful locations. But, my heart and mind always go back to the Rocky Mountain High I get when I’m in Colorado. I even proposed to my wife on top of Pikes Peak!

My ideal Friday night: 

My ideal Friday night is simply spending time with my wife. Whether that be at a live theater performance, going out to dinner, taking a walk in the park, or just sitting at home and watching television. Friday nights are an opportunity for us to be together when she ends her week as a high school teacher and before I spend my weekends with photo sessions.

A little more about me: 

I was born and raised on a farm southwest of Chicago. After serving in the Air Force for 7 years, I returned to the area and began a professional career in the IT industry. Computers gave me a career, but my passion has always been photography. Whether it is landscapes, portraits, or events, I love to capture the world and life around us. After a decade of being a part-time professional photographer, I left the corporate world several years ago to spend more time doing what I love!