Jana C

Janaina Chaykovskiy Cuba FSRT Jan 2020 TRIX 099

Why I photograph weddings:

Because it’s a day that evokes in me all the feelings of festivity in my homeland country of Brazil. I am fed by all those intense emotional moments. Because on this specific day I can be fully present and witness love in a joyful gathering. Because I carry so many treasures of my country within me and with my skills I am able to tell a story and create a unique memory for a couple that will last forever.
My favorite quote:
“Love flowers best in openness and freedom.”
― Edward Abbey
My favorite dessert:
Brigadeiro ( a popular Brazilian festive dessert)
My favorite place to visit:
Atacama Desert, Chile
My ideal Friday night: 
After sending out the beautiful gallery to my couples, soak myself in a bathtub with some nice smelling candles, get into comfy pajamas and watch some independent film as a way to rest to prepare myself for the intensity of the next day which could be a wedding or night out at a dance club.
A little more about me:
Open, charismatic, intentional, detail oriented, eclectic, lover of the blue tones. Traveler and free spirit, nature lover, always seeking adventure and longing for deep connection with people. I love the dance floor of each wedding, it brings me so much joy.