Jeffery and Hunter’s Wedding at Nice Winery | TWA Photographic Artists | Houston Wedding Photographers

Jeffery and Hunter’s Wedding at Nice Winery | TWA Photographic Artists | Houston Wedding Photographers
A Sensational Summer Wedding

Last summer, TWA Houston Wedding Photographers was able to spend some time capturing the bright and beautiful wedding of Jeffrey and Hunter in Houston, Texas! Every moment of this real and authentic wedding was laced with charm and love. We had so much fun spending the day with this lovely couple and their wedding party! The atmosphere was very relaxed and hopeful as everyone got ready for the ceremony. We loved exploring around the venue and capturing wonderful intimate moments between Jeffery and Hunter alongside their friends and family. 

As the guests started pouring in, you could tell that this couple had built a wonderful community around their love. Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere as the buzz of the day filled the air. Our Houston wedding photographers loved documenting each light and cheery moment building up to the big moments. It was so easy to let the day unfold as everyone conversed, mingled, celebrated, and relaxed. Our photographers were able to help the day go so smoothly as they captured each beautiful moment!


Beautiful Backdrop 

The photographers and the guests alike were so blown away by the venue chosen by Jeffery and Hunter. The Nice Winery was such a great backdrop for the love that was on full display on this wonderful day. We loved the rustic yet chic and airy feel of the winery both inside and out! A beautiful building with historic décor, it was easy to see how the design tied together so well. We loved all the beautiful places that we were able to photograph the happy couple before, during and after the ceremony. 

Our couple brought in minimalist décor with bright and wonderful florals which created the perfect effect of beauty without overshadowing the love between our grooms. Every little detail elevated the summer wedding look that was so effortlessly created by Jeffery and Hunter. It was so easy for our Houston wedding photographers to capture unique, intimate and beautiful photos throughout the whole day. It was truly a poetic experience that unraveled itself throughout the wedding. We loved capturing and witnessing this snapshot of a vivacious love story on such an important day!


Splendid Ceremony 

Out of all the beautiful moments throughout the day, the ceremony became the focal point. It was such an intimate ceremony despite being outdoors. Our Houston wedding photographers loved the vibrant green backdrop of the garden as Jeffery and Hunter gave their “I do’s!” The archway with delicate florals created a sense of magnetism and vibrancy around the soon-to-be husbands as they committed their lives to each other.

The ceremony was full of hope, bright smiles and poetic promises as each speaker and officiant came up to the stage to speak about the weight of what Jeffrey and Hunter were deciding to do. Our photographers loved capturing each expression, each promise, and each longing gaze shared between the happy couple. The whole day was a wonderful celebration of love, new beginnings, and hopeful dreams!

Venue: Nice Winery in Houston, Texas

Photographers: Kevin Fallah & Molimar M

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