Jeremy L

Jeremys Headshot
Why I photograph weddings:

Hi my name is Jeremy Lynch, and I want to capture your special day and turn it into an experience you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. This summer marks my sixth season as a full-time wedding videographer. Besides experience, professionalism, and quality, I also bring fun. I will laugh and joke with your bridal party. I will collaborate with your photographer and DJ. I will do whatever I can to make your day more joyous. Besides that, I pride myself on knowing when and where to be to capture those precious moments that will never happen again. Please take a minute and check out my demos to see if you think I’d be a fit for your special day.

My favorite quote:

I didn’t count the days, I made the days count.

My favorite dessert:

Ice cream, tiramisu, and chocolate chip cookies.

My favorite place to visit:

I’ve been blessed to visit many cities in my career in the wedding industry. During time off I really love visiting the places where my friends live.

My ideal Friday night:

Dinner and a movie with friends.

A little more about me:

I began my videography/photography journey in 2017. I didn’t have access to any classes in this field in my high school so I started a club for teenagers who wanted to learn filmmaking. Ever since then I have lived life behind the lens.

My Work