Justin E.


Why I photograph weddings: 

It is truly my passion to capture the most memorable moments of these people’s lives! Nothing tops the adrenaline I get from it. I call it controlled chaos!

My favorite quote: 

Just Do It.

My favorite dessert: 

Chocolate chip cookies

My favorite place to visit: 

Geneva Switzerland or………… Las Vegas!!!!

My ideal Friday night: 

At a wedding reception!

A little more about me: 

It is indeed a privilege to do photography for a client, so I treat each job as such. I make sure I have a plan and get all the necessary photos for each wedding. I believe in being on time and letting my personality flow. I am openly excited about photography for each client I have the privilege to work with. I have been told I have a very contagious personality and with it, I command a room no matter how big it is. My warm personality makes clients very comfortable and it will also do the same for you.I am going to present to you a new experience with my photography and you will not be disappointed.