Justin V

Justin Bio Pic

Why I photograph weddings: 

I love telling stories through photos and weddings are the perfect experience to tell. Love, excitement and the journey of the union. You mix that together with people wearing amazing outfits and showing the best versions of themselves, it’s truly a dream to relive these moments through photos.

My favorite quote: 

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, If one only remembers to turn on the light. -Albus Dumbledore

My favorite dessert: 

Anything combining milk chocolate, (something in the nut family) and peanut butter.

My favorite place to visit: 

Anyplace remote and quite

My ideal Friday night: 

After putting my son to bed, chilling with my wife, drinks and episodes of Naruto!

A little more about me: 

Born and raised in Chicago with an information technology background, I love using my technical knowledge to create unique thought out images. I love to have fun, but first and foremost I’m a professional. So I’m always sure to take care of business first and make sure my clients are getting what they need before anything else. Your experience is priority number one with me. With that being said… I have great joy in seeing that my actions have made clients happy. I feel like I literally feed off of that positive energy. It drives me to keep going and that same energy feeds in to the excitement of the day. I want to connect and vibe with everyone I photograph. I think it just makes everyone have a great time.