Kseniya & Adam’s City Hall Events Wedding | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

Kseniya & Adam’s City Hall Events Wedding | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

Every so often we’re blessed with unusual wedding dates that just so happen to pop up at perfect times. This past year, October tenth was extremely popular! 10.10.2020 is just such a fun date and easy to remember. Plus it was a Saturday! Our Chicago wedding photographers booked up super quickly for events on this date. Even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, lots of couples were set on celebrating on this unique day!

Kseniya and Adam held their October tenth wedding at City Hall Events in Chicago. Their big day was even more fun that the date they chose! With a super sweet first look, photos down by Lake Michigan, and a really rockin’ reception, these two were a blast to photograph!

We’re in love with Kseniya and Adam’s unique, modern style. You can tell they both have an eye for fashion! Kseniya looks flawless in her stunning strapless gown and beautiful statement necklace. Her subtle touch of darker makeup pairs perfectly with the colors of her bouquet and we love how gently her hair was pulled back to show off her beautiful smile. Did you see the leather jacket she was sporting by the lake? It was a little chilly and windy but we think it’s awesome! Adam looks like a true dapper groom in a shade of blue that we don’t see too often. With the darker burgundy tie and boutonniere, he matches his bride’s style seamlessly. What a perfect pair!



This unique location was a great choice for Kseniya and Adam’s celebration. Featuring lots of modern details within a historic space, our Chicago wedding photographers always have a blast capturing events at exceptional venues like this one.

About City Hall


Located in Chicago’s popular West Loop neighborhood, we offer an unparalleled choice for weddings, private functions, live events, conferences, product launches, commercial video & photo production, and fundraising galas. The building’s industrial character is preserved with touch points inspired by historic municipal buildings, while classic details and finishes, enhance the space’s timeless decor. With your vision, our team is ready to expertly host your event of a lifetime.


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Photographer: Abel

Venue: City Hall Events