Monique J

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Why I photograph weddings: 

I love love! Seriously I do. It is an absolute honor to capture the day one of your client’s marriage. Everything comes together so beautifully, the friends, the family, your décor choices, your traditions, and your cultures. It’s true what they say, every couple is different and these celebrations stay with me. 

My favorite quote: 

“What if I add chile to a Cheeto?”, said by Richard Montanez, the creator of Flaming’ Hot Cheetos. He was a janitor at Frito Lay and pitched the idea to the CEO, the rest is history. 

My favorite dessert: 

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with lime and hot sauce. I don’t eat too many sweets, it’s the spicy life for me. I carry hot sauce with me everywhere, even… your wedding! 

My favorite place to visit:

Wisconsin. Breweries and fried cheese as far as the eye can see.  

My ideal Friday night: 

Hanging out with my husband, son and doggies. We have been working hard on our backyard oasis. Nothing like grilled food, home made beer, a fire, kids running around and dogs by our feet. 

A little more about me:

Besides photography, I enjoy biking, gardening, cooking, beer making, walking, playing video games and aqua-aerobics. I speak Spanish, have 11 years of experience photographing weddings and will be like a sister to you on wedding day.