Nancy & Brian’s Lilacia Park Engagement Session | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

Nancy & Brian’s Lilacia Park Engagement Session | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers
Stunning Shoots

Nothing quite makes life as exciting as being newly engaged! The anticipation, the day dreaming and planning make any new couple giddy with hope. Once that ring is on, things can move really fast and planning can start to get overwhelming. Before you know it, the big day is here and you forgot to enjoy this important season of your relationship! Luckily one way to memorize these moments is through a stunning engagement shoot. 


A Lovely Couple

Our Chicago wedding photographers do so much more than just wedding photography; they enjoy engagement shoots just as much! These shoots can be just as fun, exciting, and memorable as the big day. TWA loved immortalizing these precious moments between Nancy and Brian as they prepared to say their I Do’s in a few months! They both got dressed their best to wow our cameras with their love. Our hearts melted over their genuine smiles and candid poses throughout the shoot! 


Excellent Elements 

Each couple is so unique, and our Chicago wedding photographers love capturing each caveat in our engagement shoots. We were taken away by the guest star that dazzled Brian and Nancy’s shoot and made for some fun new poses! But of course she did not take away from the intimacy, spontaneity and authenticity of the love between the happy couple. We loved seeing each smile, each hug, each whisper that they shared during this shoot. Their joy and love was so apparent and the chemistry between them created beautiful sparks! Engagement shoots truly are like no other, because our happy couple doesn’t have to worry as much about waiting guests or time crunches. They just enjoy anticipating the future of their life together. 


Luscious Lilacia Park 

Nancy and Brian picked such a perfect backdrop to celebrate the future of their love. Lilacia park absolutely glowed this summer evening! Our Chicago wedding photographer did a fantastic job positioning the sun just right to make our couple look like they were in the fairytale garden. The wildflowers, beautiful foliage and decorative garden was the perfect accent to celebrate Brian and Nancy’s love. We can’t wait to see them again on the big day! 



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Venue: Lilacia Park

Photographer: Kamil