Natalie & Itamar’s Garfield Park Conservatory Engagement Session | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

Natalie & Itamar’s Garfield Park Conservatory Engagement Session | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

If you are looking for a dreamy, nature inspired location for your Chicagoland engagement photos – Garfield Park Conservatory is the perfect location! This is a popular Chicago location, not only to tourists, but for Chicago locals as well. We recommend scheduling an engagement session here in the afternoon and during the week to ensure that it is less populated.

Having a stunning backdrop like this not only allows you to get gorgeous images, it also allows our Chicago wedding photographers to really work their magic when they are surrounded by endless inspiration! Not to mention, Natalie and Itamar are a stunning couple and their smiles were the star of the show.



Our wedding photographers loved getting to know this loving couple and we are so happy they chose this perfect location for their engagement session. When booking an engagement session with TWA Photographic artists, we always set you up with tips and tricks before your session regarding wardrobe, hair, makeup and posing. However, Natalie and Itamar’s style was as perfect as wardrobes can come when it comes to engagement photos. Natalie’s soft, floral dress combined with Itamar’s navy blue shirt really made them stand out with this pop of color! these neutral blue tones paired perfectly with the natural scenery at Garfield Park Conservatory.

There is so much versatility and opportunities for photos at Garfield Park Conservatory. Between the outdoor gardens, handful of different plant houses and overall horticulture scenery.. all of your photos are sure of having a unique backdrop. Even after you are finished with your photo session, you can turn your fun filled day into a day date and explore the different gardens, collections and exhibits that this park has to offer.  



As much as our photographers love to advise our couples when it comes to posing and direction, Natalie and Itamar were so excited for their engagement session that they let their personalities really shine. As perfectly posed as these photos may seem, these moments were candidly photographed! We highly encourage you to take note of this sweet couple’s engagement session and remember to laugh, twirls, hold hands and most importantly, be yourself! These may seem like small, self-explanatory tips, but they make all of the difference for your photos.

This gorgeous and sunny spring afternoon allowed us to have the perfect lighting to capture these vivid and romantic photos. TWA is thrilled to mention that we are counting down the days until we photograph Natalie and Itamar’s big day in September!


Photographer: Jana

Location: Garfield Park Conservatory , Chicago, IL

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