Weddings at Old St. Patrick’s Catholic Church


Full of history and charm, Old St Pats is an excellent venue choice for any couple who desires a beautiful and memorable venue. Having survived the great Chicago fire, this church is the oldest public building in Chicago. Guests and visitors alike love the entrancing stained glass windows, ornate woodwork and beautifully vaulted ceilings! The space can accommodate a large orchestra or choir as well as ample seating in the pews for guests and family. 

Boasting its valuable role in the Catholic church, Old St Pats is full of rich tradition. Though it is not required for either fiancé to be a member of Old St Pats, it is required for at least one partner to be a practicing Catholic. Each aspiring couple must go through PreCana, or marriage counseling, before being able to host their ceremony at Old St Pats. These classes are held for three consecutive Sundays. Couples also must have a few meetings with a priest before their big day. All of these requirements can be found on their website.

Old St Pats is a wonderful and supportive community that wants to see each couple that passes through their doors have a great ceremony and great success in their future. Their friendly and helpful staff are sure to make your day everything you dreamed of!