Planning a Wedding During the COVID 19 Pandemic

Planning a Wedding During the COVID 19 Pandemic

Who would have thought that this would actually be a blog post title…and yet here we are. Given the events of the past couple of months, we’ve all had to change how we do things, the way in which we go about our daily lives, and yes, unfortunately, many of us have had to change plans- even major ones. The wedding industry has been drastically impacted by COVID 19. For those who were planning to hold a wedding ceremony and reception this year, odds are such plans have had to shift a little (or a lot).

This is why we want to take a moment and offer some advice regarding steps that you can take now to help ensure that you can still have the wedding of your dreams. First and foremost remember that your love and commitment to one another is the core of your wedding; holding on to that during this difficult time can help turn any challenge into a wedding day that you will cherish forever.

The Coronavirus Doesn’t Have to Sidetrack Your Wedding: Some Advice…

  • Plan early. Traditionally, planning ahead and getting a jump on the wedding season has been sound advice. Now, this is the case more so than ever- you absolutely want to plan early. Many May/June weddings are already being moved out to later 2020 or 2021. This means that venues, along with better quality wedding professionals, are booking up fast.
  • Ask about flexibility. When enlisting the services of any wedding based business you want to make sure that they offer flexibility. If nothing else, the lessons learned as a result of this crisis have shown us that things can completely change in the blink of an eye. Wedding facilities and professionals should certainly understand this and thereby offer options as far as flexibility is concerned. This is precisely why at TWA all of our wedding bookings now fall into the category of flexible date bookings. If something should arise, dates can be changed without any additional fees.
  • Think small. There is something to be said for a smaller, more intimate wedding. Plus, given the current climate and the potential for future restrictions on group gatherings, having a pared down guest list could definitely be to your advantage. Not to mention, think of the money you’ll save which could then be used to splurge in areas where previously you might not have thought possible.
  • Look into insurance. Yes, wedding insurance is actually a thing! We’re guessing not many couples anticipated their wedding being waylaid by a global pandemic. With wedding insurance in place, your investment is safeguarded. Click here to learn more about what types of policies are available.

What it all comes down to is taking some time to really assess the situation. There is no need to panic. Sure, in some cases you may have to get a little creative, but that could actually help make your big day even more special. If you plan ahead, look for flexibility in your wedding professionals and keep in mind what’s most important- your love for one another, and you will ultimately have your dream wedding!