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Our journey starts where your story begins. Not only will we be there to photograph your amazing wedding, we will also be there to celebrate your memories after the big day by preserving and displaying them in our exclusive albums and home décor. From albums of all sizes to home décor options that are contemporary and fun, we make sure we offer you only the most unique, high quality and fully archival products in the industry.

To make your experience even better, you will be rewarded with free products simply by making your album and home decor purchases and encouraging guests to do the same online or through the studio . When you consider that on average our couples and their guests spend about $2,600 on preserving and enjoying their priceless memories, your rewards will add up fast and your memories will never fade!

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Heirloom Wedding Albums

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We believe in the significance of a Wedding Album. This simple but meaningful book acts as a time machine, bringing you back to your most precious memories. A Wedding Album purchase is a requisite of every collection, however, this purchase is deferred until after your wedding. At that point, the fun really begins! You both will come in for a “reveal” meeting, where we showcase a sneak peek of your images on the big screen which allows you to see your day unfold right before your eyes . After we’ve relived the most beautiful moments of your day, we will work one-on-one with you to help build your first family heirloom.

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Features and Investment

  • Albums with custom covers, sizes and types ranging from $769 – $2,299
  • Convenient and complimentary payment plans
  • Professional design with complimentary edits to perfect every detail
  • TWA’s signature Masterpiece Retouching of the married couple throughout the album
  • Acid-free archival materials with images printed on high-quality photographic paper
  • Custom covers including leather, canvas, silk, acrylic with text and image options
  • All albums are made locally in the U.S.A
  • Lifetime, full repair and replacement manufacturer’s warranty

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Our Most Popular Albums


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Our Contempo Album is a modern twist on the traditional wedding album . Its impeccable presentation is a show-stopper and for 5 years in a row, remains our top selling Wedding Album.

Featuring a simple and timeless California Design with thick, sturdy pages, this 12 x 12 album will be meticulously designed from cover to cover showing the story of your day. The end result is an exclusive heirloom crafted just for you and your future generations to come.

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Product Details

– 12×12
– Thick Pages
– Complimentary Design and Edits
– Complimentary Shipping
– Masterpiece Retouching
– As low as $1,799


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The Napa Album is a staff favorite . Why, you ask? We feel so much hard work goes into perfecting every detail at your wedding why should that stop once it comes to actually preserving your memories? As your memories fade, your album images are what start to replace them so every time you pick up your album, it should be a true reminder of the beautiful wedding that you had.

The Napa album is the highest quality album you can get in the industry with thick, hand gilded pages and custom colors and cover options. You deserve to have a one of a kind, handmade album and our Napa album will allow you to cherish your meaningful memories forever.

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Product Details

– 12×12
– Handmade locally in Illinois
– Thick Pages
– Complimentary Design and Edits
– Complimentary Shipping
– Masterpiece Retouching
– As low as $1,999


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The Legacy Album is a TWA exclusive – you will not find it anywhere else! We put a unique twist on this handmade album by allowing you to have both timeless, matted styles combined with creatively designed spreads.

With an impeccable presentation, this 12 x 12 album is sure to stand out on any table it rests upon. This album will be meticulously designed from cover to cover, showcasing the story of your beautiful day in the most expressive and meaningful way possible.

With custom quotes featuring the most precious words exchanged on your wedding day and custom cover options, your album will be truly one-of-a-kind.

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Product Details

– 12×12
– Handmade locally in Illinois
– Thick Hand Gilded Pages
– Complimentary Design and Edits
– Complimentary Shipping
– Masterpiece Retouching
– As low as $2,299

Home Décor


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Printing your precious memories is one of the most meaningful ways you can enjoy the images from your wedding day. It’s time we got our memories off of our computers and onto the walls of our homes!

Hanging these special moments in your home allows not only you, but also your friends and families, to admire and relive these moments too! Images tend to be conversation pieces and they provide a special sense of joy each time you pass them by.

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Product Details

-Lifetime guarantee
-Masterpiece Retouching included
-Ready to Hang
-Heirloom Quality

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With a variety of sizes and impeccable quality, you will be able to showcase your most cherished moments in a way that will never go out of style! We have so many options and combinations to choose from, you may be wondering where to start…

After your wedding, we will get to know your style and what you like best. You can even share images of walls in your home so that we can help you find the perfect pieces to fill your home with beautiful imagery.

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Home Décor


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While we love helping you find pieces to fill the walls in your home, we also know how important it is to dress up those smaller, more intimate spaces that you have as well!

We love details and these products make your desk, shelf or office personalized and beautiful. They also make great gifts for parents, your wedding party, or other guests to enjoy!

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