Priyanka & Rahul’s Chicago Engagement Session | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

Priyanka & Rahul’s Chicago Engagement Session | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

When we have couples that want to include the iconic Chicago city skyline in their photos, we know the perfect spots for their engagement sessions! Both North Avenue Beach and Lincoln Park offer different but stunning sights of the cityscape.

Priyanka and Rahul looked super stylish for their engagement photos this past December. Especially when the weather is a little chilly, it’s a great idea to dress up a bit! Priyanka’s outfit was simple but elegant and we love the sophisticated lace details on the top. Rahul looked great as well in a suave, navy sports jacket. These two definitely looked like they were ready for a special night on the town and they sure picked the right city to celebrate in!



Not many people would think of taking photos on the beach in December but we’re sure glad that Priyanka and Rahul were up for it! The soft whites and blues of their outfit pair perfectly with the surrounding scenery. Their photos seem so desolate and serene! Did you catch the cute drawing in the sand?

Located off Lake Shore Drive, North Avenue Beach is part of the Chicago Park District and one of our favorite spots for photos. It’s a well-known location to spend time at on warm, sunny days but we love photographing here all year round. This special city spot we hold close to our hearts is actually quite historic!

Lincoln Park began as a public cemetery in the 1830s. Recognizing that the lakeside burial ground posed a public health threat, early citizens rallied to transform the site into parkland. A sixty acre unused part of the burial ground was first designated as Lake Park in 1860, and five years later the city renamed the site as Lincoln Park, providing a substantial budget for improvements. Over the years, Lincoln Park has grown to a landscape of over 1200 acres, particularly through many landfill extensions. In the late 1930s, a major landfill addition that stretched from Fullerton Avenue to North Avenue accounts for most of what is now the North Avenue Beach.


We are so excited to be featuring this sweet couple as they prepare for wedding later this month! Their big day is bound to be amazing and we can’t wait to capture it. Thank you for choosing our TWA wedding photographers to be part of your extraordinary journey together, Priyanka and Rahul!


Photographer: Monique
Locations: North Avenue Beach and Lincoln Park, Chicago

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