Sergi Y

Heather McDaniel

Why I photograph weddings: 

Weddings and engagements are part of people photography. And people photography is more interesting and challenging to me that other types of photography. And in people photography, weddings are the most challenging since wedding photographers often have to come up with their solutions fast – which hones their skills. I also like the environment of a wedding and enjoy it.

My favorite quote: 

There are many. But the most appropriate here seems to be this one by Steve Jobs: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

My favorite dessert: 


My favorite place to visit: 

South-West National Parks

My ideal Friday night: 

Watching a good movie

A little more about me: 

I have always been interested in photography with people photography being my favorite. I started with film cameras and switched to digital when they became available for professional use. I started to do wedding photography professionally in 2006, but before that, there had been many years of amateur and semi-pro work. I’ve worked mainly for myself, and also to fill a few unbooked dates I’ve taken assignments from other studios. Now I’m working less for myself and more for this great wedding studio (TWA). No matter who I work for I always give my best to my photography and my clients. There’s no other way.