Small Weddings: A Big Trend in the Wake of COVID-19

Small Weddings: A Big Trend in the Wake of COVID-19

Everything has changed—certainly, an understatement.  In the world of weddings, this is no exception. COVID-19 has led to postponements, backyard weddings, and even impromptu online weddings. We are also seeing the revival of small weddings which is perhaps the biggest trend to hit the wedding industry in a long time.

So why go small? As you set out to plan your wedding for later this year or even for 2021, you definitely want to consider the fact that there is uncertainty in just about every type of gathering. What sort of restrictions might be in play as far as the number of participants allowed? Is social distancing still going to be an issue come your wedding day? Unfortunately, there is no way to tell for certain what factors can affect your special day. Therefore, in some instances, you might say the smaller the better.  Not to mention given the instability of the current economy, a small wedding means a substantial amount of savings.


Some of the Advantages to Going Small…

Perhaps your wedding day looks a little bit different than what you initially envisioned. There are some terrific advantages to going small.

  • The Intimacy Factor. Your special day should be about the celebration of your love while enjoying the moments with those closest to you. Sometimes with large weddings, you tend to lose sight of who was there; you don’t get to embrace the laughter and love of your nearest and dearest because you were caught up in a large crowd of guests. Smaller weddings really do allow you to focus on one another, on family, and on your closest friends.
  • The Stress Factor. Needless to say, planning a larger-than-life wedding can be a pretty big source of stress. Detail after detail, wading through who sits where, not to mention the potential for family/friend drama. Honestly, given the challenges we face now, who needs it? Keep it small, keep it simple, and keep it stress free.
  • The Photo Factor. With larger gatherings, everything is a little more rushed and many don’t necessarily get to capture all of the important moments that they’d hoped to get. A small wedding gives you more time to plan out and take those pictures that you know you’re going to cherish forever.
  • The Savings Factor. As mentioned, a small wedding is obviously going to be more affordable than a large, more lavish affair. This in turn means more money to spend on other things: the honeymoon, your wedding photos and the one tangible item from your wedding you will truly cherish forever, your wedding album.



At TWA Photographic Artists, we want your special day—even in the midst of the pandemic situation we are facing—to be that one momentous day that lives on in your memory for a lifetime. Having a smaller wedding really can make the difference by enabling you to do something unforgettable and spectacular!