Weddings at The Haley Mansion

What Couples are Saying:

“My husband and I got married here last night and, as you can tell by how quickly I’m writing this review, I was absolutely over the moon about the Haley Mansion. I wish I could hug every employee that was there last night to thank them for how much they helped make our wedding spectacular. The reception went off without a hitch. My guests (~230) raved about the decor, the elegance of the mansion, how delicious the food was & the overall service. I worked with Sandy, who was an absolute godsend during the last month before our wedding. She was so quick to respond to questions and the mansion was unbelievably accommodating for us. We dropped off our wedding essentials on Thursday, went through the checklist of what everything was & how it should be used, and everything was set up PERFECTLY for the wedding. I mean down to a T, the details were perfect. I can’t thank the staff enough for helping our vision come to life for the reception.” – Carolanne H


“The Haley Mansion will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We fell in love with the venue right away and knew it was perfect for our dream wedding. During the planning process, the staff were incredibly nice and accommodating. The tasting was COMPLETE perfection and an elegant, upscale experience. The wedding day was hands-down the best thing we could’ve ever imagined. The staff provided the BEST service for us and all of our guests. The coordinators put up all of our wedding decor EXACTLY how I envisioned. The venue was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been personally. If you’re looking to have your dream wedding, The Haley Mansion is the PERFECT place. LOVE!!!” – Amy L


Weddings at the Haley Mansion

The Haley Mansion is a historic property in Chicagoland that is perfect as an alternative wedding venue. It’s also the perfect place for wedding photography in Chicago! Countless couples have held their weddings at the Haley Mansion to enjoy the panoramic glass view, stately columns, pristine marble flooring, and elegant chandeliers. You can try different wedding photography here.

If you want a wedding unlike any other and to create memories for every one of your guests that will stay with them forever with the help of professional wedding photography in Chicago, choose the Haley Mansion. Expect your guests to sit under a beautiful ceiling with accent lighting and silk drapery.

They offer oversized guest tables with damask linen, beautiful napkins, and Chiavari chairs. In addition, the Haley Mansion serves guests with 14-karat gold and platinum accented china. The professional, black-tie staff also takes care of the exquisite cocktail service with oversized stemware. The Haley Mansion also offers professional event planners specializing in weddings and other events that you may want to hold at this historic venue.

A Premier Wedding Venue

The staff members at the Haley Mansion are knowledgeable and helpful from the moment you contact them. They know how vital it is for you to have a lovely, worry-free wedding day. If you have any specific needs, their team will be first on the floor to help you realize them. If you host your event here, they can also provide any advice or original ideas we can to make it a smashing success.

You will have access to the whole Haley Mansion and its stunning grounds. They’ll let you use their spaces and facilities for the day. Having the mansion to yourself for the evening (or afternoon) will provide you prestige, intimacy, and solitude.

You can take pictures all day long. You will make innumerable memories here, whether staying within our castle-like building or exploring the rest of our beautifully landscaped grounds.

The staff will help you realize your ideal wedding. Event planners, managers, servers, and cooks will work tirelessly to give you the individualized service you need to have the wedding of your dreams.

The Haley Mansion wants your special day to be picture-perfect. You and your wedding party will be the first to arrive. So, when you and your bridal party sit back, relax, and make new memories, you can order room service, too!

The Haley Mansion will help you organize guests’ arrival, seating arrangements, and the event flow before the ceremony or reception begins.

Drinks will precede the most sumptuous meal you can imagine. The Haley Mansion’s dinners are prepared to order and presented on a hot, fresh plate just after it leaves the kitchen. A delicious and unforgettable dinner awaits you and your guests.

Historic and Unforgettable: What to Expect at The Haley Mansion

In 1889, Joliet’s mayor envisioned a magnificent castle perched high above the city’s scenic hills and shoreline. He imagined, for starters, a sprawling estate landscaped with thousands of flowers, shrubs, and even tropical palms. He also envisioned a magnificent entrance, stately pillars, and a veranda for this place.

He further visualized towering trees and elaborate water features throughout the grounds. In addition, a beautiful gazebo would be in the middle of a picturesque creekside garden.

Today, you’d find lavish chandeliers, beautiful windows, and swoon-worthy full-length mirrors in the Haley Mansion foyer. These nuances, he thought, provided a genuinely delightful and distinctive place where he could relax and watch the sunset while listening to the birds.

Waterfalls and ponds are part of the landscaping at The Haley Mansion. A forest of tall pines and a sea of colorful flowers encircles each water feature. The venue grounds are also a great place to take memorable pictures of the happy couple. The elevated pergola is a lovely addition to your outdoor celebration.

Most noticeably, The Haley Mansion features rows of white garden chairs, creating a sophisticated ambiance.

Serving drinks to your visitors on the patio’s paved surface will transport them to a more tranquil time. If you’d like to talk quietly, you can sit in the shade of their pergola tent. Add to your visitors’ delight as they sip on your specialty cocktails in this breathtaking environment by setting up an outside bar.

Start by checking over our wedding venue to see what we offer to make your reception or outdoor ceremony one to remember.

Then, consider the countless precious keepsakes you can make for your big day. Guests will enjoy exploring the lush gardens. Take a moment here and there during your tour to admire The Haley Mansion’s castle-like architecture. As night falls, the clear sky and twinkling stars will provide a beautiful backdrop for your outdoor wedding.

Even though your reception dinner will be served indoors, the outdoor terrace may easily be accessed through a dozen French doors. Because of this, large feature windows give you the best of both worlds: the conveniences of being inside and the beauty of the outdoors.

The Haley Mansion’s black-tie service crew satisfies with a continuous stream of delectable appetizers, gourmet lunches, gorgeous pastries, and food stations fit for a king at every event. In addition, we have a full selection of bottled beers, wines, premium spirits, cordials, and cocktails available in our outdoor bar.

Preparing for Great Chicago Wedding Photography at the Haley Mansion

The best images come from careful preparation.  That’s why preparing for professional wedding photography in Chicago requires a thoughtful wedding photography checklist, too! There will be many people and activities on the morning of the wedding, so it’s best to have everything ready the night before.

Consider what kinds of shots you’d like taken, too.  

Dressing Early Has Its Perks for Wedding Photography Posing

Wedding photographers also enjoy taking stunning photos of the bride and her family, friends, and bridesmaids. Changing into your wedding dress ahead of time will help you feel more at ease on the big day. Pictures of the bride and her attendants alighting from their vehicles can be taken by your photographer. Take some group shots outside before you go in to see the groom.

Hang the Dress for Creative Wedding Photography

Before you get dressed, it’s a good idea to hang your dress up. This will allow your photographer to get images of you and your bridal party getting ready in the dress. The dress adds so much more to the visual narrative and helps set the stage for the photos.

You can also have your photographer take close-ups of your outfit hanging up. The wedding album will look fantastic with these. Finally, unpack the bridesmaids’ wedding gowns and dresses before the photographer arrives.

Matching Dressing Gowns Are a Must for Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Photography

You might overlook this while planning your wedding, but trust me: it will be one of the highlights of your wedding photos. On top of that, they serve as a beautiful keepsakes to show appreciation to your wedding party. Wearing identical robes is a terrific technique to make everyone feel like a star.

Prepare for the “Big Reveal!” with Some Awesome Wedding Photography Posing

As he sees his daughter getting ready, the groom’s expression is a priceless keepsake. Excellent photographs of ecstatic fathers waiting to see their daughters dressed for their wedding have been recorded.

Brides never stop cherishing these photos. Plan the morning so that your photographer can be present to record these priceless moments. Thanks to these great photos, you’ll have beautiful, fantastic flashbacks of the day. You can relive all the thrills and tears of this period through the images you took.

Professional Wedding Photography is Much Better with Bridesmaids’ Gifts

It is customary to show appreciation to the bridal party members by presenting them with presents on the wedding day. Fortunately, these also make for excellent photo ops for your wedding. In addition, girls will like jewelry or earrings that they may use daily.

Beautiful candid photos of them getting ready can be captured by your photographer. A custom gift box is recommended for all presents. Your bridal party will appreciate these thoughtful details.

Hold Unique Wedding Events at the Haley Mansion

One of the most memorable days of your life can be celebrated in one of two beautiful ceremony rooms at The Haley Mansion. The services they offer include ceremonial components. For instance, before the wedding, you can have a free rehearsal at The Haley Mansion. In addition, the Haley Mansion management will lend a hand in any way they can. They can host both the reception and the ceremony or just the reception. Their first goal is always to assist you in having the most incredible time of your life.

Celebrate Love in the Garden

The Haley Mansion provides a lovely outdoor setting for your wedding ceremony in our garden. Our outdoor ceremony locations feature thousands of flowers to create a beautiful setting. The surroundings are beautiful, with tall trees, bright maples, and immaculate grass—perfect for outdoor wedding photography and creative wedding photography!

Their outdoor wedding venue also has picturesque waterfalls and lily ponds. Your promises will be more meaningful in the presence of nature’s soothing noises and fragrant air.

In front of the elevated pergola, your guests will sit in rows of white garden folding chairs. In addition, our guests have commented on how well-organized and beautiful our garden-themed wedding ceremony setting was.

Hold an Intimate, Indoor Ceremony at the Conservatory

The Haley Mansion’s indoor site provides equally beautiful facilities for those holding their wedding inside. You and your soon-to-be spouse will exchange vows beneath the starry night sky.

In addition, the gorgeous garden outside The Haley Mansion’s 12-foot-high windows can’t be beaten. There are tall pines and beautiful blossoming plants in this scene. Traditional white garden chairs will be carefully arranged for guests to use to set the mood for your outdoor wedding. In addition, the acoustics of your vows will be wholly optimized by Haley Mansion’s top-tier Bose sound system.