Tony P

Anthony Pastorino AP

Why I photograph weddings:

From working with beautiful newlyweds to awesome vendors I love creating a bond between myself and the other party. I love being able to capture two individuals who are truly so in love they decide to commit to a lifetime together. It’s an absolute honor being able to capture such a special and stunning part of life!

My favorite quote:

“There’s no such thing as too many plants!”

My favorite dessert:

Red velvet cheesecake

My favorite place to visit:

Holland, Michigan

My ideal Friday night:

My ideal Friday nights are to cook homemade Italian meals and watch Game of Thrones

A little more about me:

Greetings! My name is Tony and I studied photography in college where I grew a strong fondness with the subject and graduated with a Science in Art of Photography degree. I put my passion into the art of photos and take the time to understand every newlywed’s uniqueness and create a tailored experience for each wedding, whilst maintaining my signature style which results in soulful, candid yet timeless images! On my days off I enjoy cooking meals at home and spending time at local plant shops.