TWA’s $20,000 “Dream Wedding Giveaway” Winners!

TWA’s  $20,000 “Dream Wedding Giveaway” Winners!

Twice every year we make two very special couple’s dream come true, and this time the lucky couple is Jenny and Paul! Our Giveaway offers up so many amazing prizes to whomever wins – full-day photography and video services, a wedding album, parent albums, mini bus service, tuxedo rentals, reception up-lighting, and so much more! We had so much fun meeting Jenny and Paul and getting to know their relationship backstory a little bit.  It’s clear that they are a perfect match for one another! 

Jenny and Paul have actually known each other for almost a decade! As they say, strong friendships make strong relationships. They have been together for 7 years now, and how they met was pretty adorable and quirky. Paul is actually Jenny’s brother’s best friend, so that’s how the two become connected. Talk about already having an “in” with your future in-laws! After a while of just being friends, the pair eventually had their first date at a Purdue football game. Paul attended Purdue, but at the time Jenny was still a senior in high school so unfortunately the date ended when she had to return home for school the next day. The distance did not stop these two from continuing to form a powerful relationship, though!

Fast forward a few years later, to the day Paul proposed to Jenny. Jenny said she was slightly suspicious of him when he suggested that they dress up and have some high-quality photos taken, but she went along with the plan anyway. She was certainly in for one of the most memorable moments of her life! With family members present, Paul got down on one knee at the gorgeous Chicago Botanic Gardens and asked Jenny to be his bride. She, of course, said yes! They now have beautiful, high-quality photos of that moment to cherish forever. 

These two enjoy doing anything outdoors together, especially hiking. The beautiful natural surroundings of the Gardens was the perfect backdrop for their proposal photos. Jenny is looking forward to spending the rest of her life with Paul, whose sense of humor is something that never fails to make her smile. Paul loves Jenny’s sense of creativity, and knows that trait will balance out his “finance and numbers” mindset in their marriage. We can tell that these two have a wonderful life ahead of them, and we are elated to provide them with all of the perks that our Giveaway has to offer! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day, future Mr. and Mrs. Reiff!