Weddings at The Haight | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

Weddings at The Haight | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers
An Urban Vibe with Small Town Charm 

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Elgin, The Haight is a venue that delivers on all fronts. Our Chicago wedding photographers love coming to this venue again and again because of how easy it is to make our couples shine! We love the charming and quaint atmosphere of downtown and it’s easy to see that The Haight has found a location right at home. Full of beauty, historical architecture, and magnetism, it’s no wonder that The Haight is so easily photogenic. We love the cute little spots all around the venue that are great for intimate couple photos as well as fun and whimsical group photos! The Haight never fails to provide a wonderful backdrop for any ideas that may come to our photographers or our couples minds.


The Perfect Space for Each Moment 

In a society that now lives with the aftermath of Covid, our couples have found the value of a more intimate wedding. We love that The Haight gives plenty of space for each unique ceremony while also keeping the community of friends and family together. The floor plan gives so much space for mingling, laughter, fun and the opportunity to make great memories. The guests always love the personal yet open floor plan that helps the ceremony transition smoothly from one event to another. The Haight really knows how to maximize space without overwhelming our couples with options or extra details. They do a great job at taking care of all the aesthetic needs without making anyone feel cramped or limited. Our Chicago wedding photographers love capturing every well-thought detail of the venue and how this place can really feel like a little urban escape! 


Create Unique Memories in a Versatile Space

The Haight isn’t just a trendy place, it has proven itself to be a timeless and iconic venue for weddings of the past, present, and future. They perfectly merge architecture of the past and design of the future to make an industrial chic atmosphere that complements the vibe of any happy couple. The Haight truly feels like an urban escape without the stress and noise of an urban epicenter!

We love the exposed brick walls that act as an incredible backdrop for any style of photo–dramatic, posed, candid, whimsical, colorful or neutral. The wood beams that span across the ceiling help provide a light, spacious and airy feel that carry the laughter and joy of the guests as they enjoy celebrating the happy couple. We love photographing the long and narrow shape of the ceremony section of the building as it provides such a dramatic and dimensional space to document our couple with all of their cherished loved ones. The Haight ultimately provides a wide range of opportunities to see every expression, emotion, and perspective of our wonderful couples on their big day.


Make your Night Glow

Not only does the building itself provide so much, but the staff also knows how to use lighting throughout the space to create a dramatic and beautiful environment. At each visit to the venue, we are always blown away by the new ways that they use string lights, lanterns, chandeliers, candles, spot lights and so much more to set the tone for each event and each transition. The Haight provides couples with so many options to light up their night and make each moment glow. Our Chicago wedding photographers enjoy a constant stream of creative ideas to create dynamic, unique and beautiful photos of our couples and their guests. Each event truly is unique thanks to the artistic eye of the staff at The Haight!

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Venue: The Haight