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Weddings at the Seville | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers
All Inclusive

With decades of experience in the wedding industry, The Seville has earned its place as one of the top names for wedding venues in the Chicagoland area. This venue prides itself on being all-inclusive, providing everything a happy couple could want, from excellent cuisine to exciting pyrotechnics!

The Seville offers great flexibility on packages and pricing. With so many ballrooms, any couple will be able to find their perfect fit. Each space is decked out with chandeliers, updated finishes, state-of-the-art lighting technology, and much more. Our Chicago wedding photographers love to capture unique photos, dramatic scenes, and tender moments with all the endless possibilities that the Seville provides! Guests will be talking about the wedding of the year!  There’s no need to look anywhere else.

Those with experience in the wedding industry know that a great venue can make or break the photos that you’ll be holding onto for a lifetime. But at The Seville, our Chicago wedding photographers rejoice every time they get to work here, because it always is a place to create some photography magic!

Excellent Elegance 

Beyond options, The Seville also spares no expense in creating modern elegance. With a luxurious grand staircase right in the foyer, this venue provides an excellent backdrop for timeless photos.  Our couples are always floored to see how their photos turn out at this venue! Our Chicago wedding photographers love doing their best work here. The options are endless from the ceremony to the reception, each tender moment, each laugh, kiss and dance are elegantly adorned with the lighting, chandeliers, and class provided by The Seville.

Quality Cuisine 

In the spirit of being all-inclusive, The Seville also provides an enriched dining experience. Your guests will wine and dine with the best of them as they celebrate your love. The Seville continues to pride itself on all of the options it provides for catering your big day, and each couple can customize according to their tastes!

Over the Top Entertainment 

The Seville never settles with just good enough. This venue wants to meet all needs and even exceed expectations! Our couples love the provided lighting options and how they can dramatically change the mood, landscape and feel of their special day. Our Chicago wedding photographers love how The Seville can create a unique experience for them to capture at each wedding. The Seville even provides fireworks and a fog machine to bring your day to new heights!

With all these options, their experienced and professional staff is ready to help you navigate all that your wedding deserves to be. Each couple and each big day is treated like the main event at The Seville, and everyone is there to help the happy couple move through the planning process with ease so that the big day can be unforgettable and exciting.


The Seville definitely checks all the boxes for any new couple looking for the perfect fit on their big day. And more than that, it checks all the boxes for our Chicago wedding photographers! This is a professional, elegant, and dynamic wedding venue. With so many options, excellent elegance, outstanding cuisine, attention to detail, supportive staff and much more, The Seville will create a day you never want to forget. 

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