Weddings at Warehouse 109 | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

Weddings at Warehouse 109 | TWA Photographic Artists | Chicago Wedding Photographers

One of our most favorite venues, Warehouse 109 in Plainfield, has so many incredibly unique features. The venue includes a gallery of antique motorcycles, a vintage bar, and a 1958 Airstream turned into a lounge! We absolutely love seeing how our couples customize and design the space to make it their own. As your guests explore all the fun touches, this venue will certainly make your wedding night one to remember!



More about Warehouse 109:
Included at our venue is a bridal suite which offers a comfortable and convenient place for the Bride, her friends and family to spend the day relaxing and preparing for the big day. Equipped with a kitchen, private bathroom, dining table, and a living room with a vintage fireplace. There is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the luxuries of a hair stylist, make-up artists, and of course a glass of champagne!

Our staff of professionals will work with you to help create the most functional and aesthetically pleasing layout. Warehouse 109 can help you facilitate all details of your event from food to flowers. You and your guests will love exploring the different features of the space, ensuring an unforgettable day.



Loving these vintage vibes at Warehouse 109? We love seeing unique, retro styles come back as fun wedding themes! Paired with a modern touch for awe-inspiring details, you can tell the décor at this stunning venue has been very thoughtfully curated.

Vintage wedding ideas can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Whether you’re inspired by the elegant Victorian age, the roaring ’20s or the retro ’70s, a vintage wedding theme can take your guests back in time and simultaneously bring your favorite era to life. To plan a vintage wedding, first identify the decade or time period that you want to emulate. Once you’ve selected a theme, research its history to let it inspire every detail of your day, from the décor to the fashion and the color palette. The Knot

Learn more about this incredibly distinctive space on their website here.

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