Wojciech (Voytek) D

Wojtek Portrait E

Why I photograph weddings: ​The most expressive, happiest, joyful… & sometimes stressful, therefore, human celebration to witness

My favorite quote: Not sure who said it, but it goes like this, “While considering whether to do something or not, always leave enough time to actually do it.”

My favorite dessert: Anything that can come from a good intention & freshness, great ingredients & positive spirit in putting it all together.

My favorite place to visit: Paris, Hawaii, Oregon, a peaceful river in the middle of nowhere in Illinois, Chicago’s life, a Sunday evening concert, or a day at an art gallery, and a great photography place.

My ideal Friday night: Get a group of friends at a swim pool/club, have a good workout, stay outdoors by a bonfire & eat tasty food. Or just go fishing, but that means no wedding on Saturday.

A little more about me: Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wojciech, but to make it easier, I use Wojtek, which is pronounced VOYTEK. For over 20 years, I have had a fantastic opportunity to document some of the happiest moments in people’s lives and I hope that You will grant me the privilege to continue doing so at Your wedding.  

After starting my adventures in photography while still in high school (Poland), I was fascinated with the film capturing people and places I visited during my travels, mainly Poland’s changing countryside.  And once I started traveling, I never stopped. In September of 1984, I took my greatest voyage by crossing the ocean in a transatlantic, and eventually settling in one of the greatest and most inspiring places, Chicago, USA. Here, on one stormy summer day in St. Augustine, Florida, I climbed to the top of a lighthouse and photographed my first wedding ceremony ever! The view was amazing, with a storm forming over the ocean, while bride’s veil tried to join the wind, the mood was wild and everybody seemingly already flying on the clouds of kisses and loughs, drew me into that one of a kind story – the “I do!”. So, all I could do from then on was to click my camera and make sure I captured all those priceless moments. By doing so, I have been granted to photograph in places like Chicago, Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa, Mount St. Helens, Hawai’I and France.  Thanks to all of You, I have had an amazing time and with your smiles, I would like to continue. Please explore my photography. I hope You will find it inspiring and helpful. 

Enjoy and Mahalo Nui Loa! 

Wojtek (VOYTEK)